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Surgical Preceptor for Boston Scientific, Lumenis, Urologix and Medtronics
Diplomat of the American Board of Urology

Cryotherapy Treatment

Urologic clinics of North Alabama offers patients state-of-the-art, minimally invasive cryotherapuetic SeedNet™ treatment for freezing and destroying prostate cancer. Amit Chakrabarty, MD, a board-certified Urologist, led the effort to bring the SeedNet™ system to North Alabama and has used it to successfully treating many prostate cancer patients to date with excellent outcomes.

"Offering the SeedNet™ procedure to my patients gives them an effective, minimally invasive, repeatable, bloodless, cutting-edge medical treatment for prostate cancer. By using the SeedNet™ 17-gauge technology of CryoNeedles and IceRods, I can provide a dramatic improvement in patient care and quality of life for men with this life-threatening disease," said Dr. Chakrabarty. "This modality is one of the many options in the armamentarium for treating prostate cancer and may not be suitable for all patients. The greatest advantage is for patients with prostate cancer who are not good candidates for the other kinds of therapy and till now have been left untreated or subjected to radiation which may not give them the best outcomes or quality of life because the other modalities have been too invasive. It is also particularly helpful for patients that have experienced a recurrence of cancer after radiation therapy as a form of minimally invasive curative therapy where surgery or repeat radiation if fraught with complications."

The procedure is a practically bloodless outpatient procedure and is done with minimal complications. The patient can usually return to normal activities within a week. According to various studies the long term outcomes as a curative treatment modality is comparable to the other existing treatments for prostate cancer.

He performs this procedure at Hartselle Hospital, in North Alabama. "Bringing SeedNet™ to Hartselle Hospital allows our patients to gain access to one of the most advanced treatments for prostate cancer. We are profoundly grateful to Dr. Chakrabarty for his role in introducing this powerful treatment modality to Hartselle Hospital and North Alabama," said Jeffrey Rains, CEO of Hartselle Hospital.

Galil's SeedNet™ system features patented, 17-gauge CryoNeedles and IceRods that represent the next generation of minimally invasive technology for prostate cancer therapy. In a system modeled after the brachytherapy insertion techniques already used by radiation oncologists and urologists, ultra-thin needles are inserted percutaneously into the prostate under ultrasound guidance. SeedNet™ needles then generate IceSeeds™ that deliver temperatures of lower than minus 40 degrees Celsius to safely freeze, ablate and eliminate the diseased prostate while avoiding damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Studies show that 50,000 men per year experience a recurrence of prostate cancer after primary treatment. Freezing the prostate is the most feasible option if cancer recurs locally due to radiation or other treatment failures. Cryosurgery is also an effective option for patients who, because of age or other health issues, can not or do not wish to undergo surgical removal of the diseased prostate gland.

About Dr. Amit Chakrabarty, M.D.

Urologist Dr. Amit Chakrabarty has been treating patients in Alabama since 1995. He trained at Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan and also did a Uro-Oncology (Urologic Cancer) research Fellowship there. He got additional training on Cryothrapy at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina on December 16, 2005 and has been performing these procedures at Hartselle hospital since 2007. He offers several other options for treating prostate cancers.

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Dr. Chakrabarty practices all aspects of urology with special emphasis i.e on female urology, andrology, urological cancer and infertility. He is a surgical proctor and speaker for various in management of male and female urinary incontinence and pelvis floor repair and minimally invasive BPH treatments. He is a speaker for various pharmaceutical companies and is has been involved in various research protocols.

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Dr. Chakrabarty is a certified Diplomate of Urology by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons

National Board of Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Chakrabarty is Gold Certified by the International Board Of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS)

Dr. Chakrabarty is Gold Certified by the International Board Of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS)

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